Air Cargo Products

Special Products

Trip & Co also supplies special products such as wheel covers, container door covers, maintenance protection covers and kits, oversize cargo covers, special size solutions, security bags, document bags and knee protection. We can deliver other special products on request.

Security Cover

The security covers are specially made for the protection of valuable goods. Not only gold and diamonds, but also paintings, confidential documents, computer chips, musical instruments, etc need extra and special protection during transport.

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Cargo Chaperone

Cargo Chaperone® is the asset tracking solution that gives you real time tracking and monitoring of your cargo during worldwide travel and storage.

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Goodcape® Box

The GoodCape® BOX is part of a family of cargo insulation concepts especially for storage and transport of temperature sensitive goods. From our experience with cargo protection during transport with our GoodCape® insulation covers, we have developed a second level of cargo insulation.

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