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Cargo Chaperone

Cargo Chaperone® is the asset tracking solution that gives you real time tracking and monitoring of your cargo during worldwide travel and storage.

Cargo Chaperone® includes a patented feature which automatically activates “airplane mode” ensuring safe operation on aircraft. During the flight all sensor information is stored and then uploaded once the flight is complete – ensuring that you have a full record of all events throughout the entire shipment.

Safe on board of any airplane

Cargo Chaperone is based on the sentry 400 Flightsafe technology developed by Onasset Intelligence. Sentry 400 Flightsafe is the industry’s leading gsm, real-time tracking device for monitoring air cargo shipments.  Now you can know where cargo is and its condition immediately after landing. No other product offers as many approved trade lanes with commercial air carriers as sentry Flightsafe®.

Flightsafe® Automatic “Airplane Mode”

The product is the only tracking device with a patented feature for automatic aircraft detection and radio off mode when on board an aircraft. Sentry Flightsafe® does not transmit in the air, making it the safest tracking solution on board commercial and cargo flights.

For temperature sensitive cargo, Cargo Chaperone® is your efficient solution to keep a sharp eye on what’s going on during transportation.

Geo Fencing

Our software will give you immediate warnings when your cargo has left the right path to your customer.

With our easy to use geofencing feature you can specify where your cargo is supposed to be during its journey, and the system will warn you when the truck, boat or plane leaves its programmed path. You will be the first to know when goods are incidentally lost or stolen.

Battery Lasts through Domestic and International Flights

Cargo Chaperone® comes equipped with standard and extended battery options. Whatever the duration of transit time, short or long, get the maximum battery life. Battery life from three to eleven days between recharges.

Cargo Chaperone® service & support

Set-up of each Chaperone® device that will accompany your parcel or pallet is done by our support team. As soon as the device is switched on, you receive the log-in codes for each device and your monitoring starts until your shipment arrives at its destination. All data of each trip is stored and will remain available for your administration your.

Delivery: within 24 hours


Color of box Orange
Size 15 x 15 cm


  • Gives you the opportunity to follow your cargo
  • Log in where ever and when ever you want

Trip & Co in practice

Taking care of your business

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