Air Cargo Products


Trip & Co produces various kinds of covers and blankets for the air cargo and cold chain logistics of temperature sensitive products. There are differences between standard covers, thermal/ insulation covers, TSO C203 fire-containment covers and security covers.

Standard Cover

The standard cover offers you the perfect basic protection before, during and after the flight. We can customize your cover in a wide range of colors and dimensions. The covers can be made one-sided or two-sided. It is possible to mark the covers with your name and/or logo!

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Thermal cover

The Good Cape© thermal covers have an unique insulating effect. This ensures that the products can be transported under all kinds of weather conditions and still maintain a constant temperature, without requiring any energy. These thermal covers are available in several types: standard, extreme, lightweight and breathable varieties. Due to the different types, Trip & Co can always find a solution for exceptional cases.

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Fire containment Cover TSO C203 (FCC), Bag (FCB), Containter kit (FCK)

TSO C203 FireCape Fire Containment system is a result of more than 5 years development, and system design. In answer to the demands of the industry and its regulators, we were looking for a cost effective solution which can contain the most severe fires including those resulting from lithium Ion & metal batteries. With our Fire Containment Covers (FCC), Fire Containment Bags (FCB) and ULD container kits (FCK) we guarantee peace of mind to you and your crew in the event of a cargo fire.

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Security Cover

The security covers are specially made for the protection of valuable goods. Not only gold and diamonds, but also paintings, confidential documents, computer chips, musical instruments, etc need extra and special protection during transport.

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Cargo Chaperone

Cargo Chaperone® is the asset tracking solution that gives you real time tracking and monitoring of your cargo during worldwide travel and storage.

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Goodcape® Box

The GoodCape® BOX is part of a family of cargo insulation concepts especially for storage and transport of temperature sensitive goods. From our experience with cargo protection during transport with our GoodCape® insulation covers, we have developed a second level of cargo insulation.

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