Air Cargo Products


Trip & Co supplies utilities including plastic sheeting, stretch foil, absorbent material and insulation material. We can always deliver from stock at the best prices due to our high sales volumes of these items.

Stretch foil

Roll of wrapping plastic stretch film

As a transporter of products on pallets you are responsible for transport proof packaging. How can a maximum return be achieved with minimal stretch foil usage? This is where High Performance stretch foil comes in.

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Absorption sheets

absorbtion sheets to transport perishable goods

Absorption material is used as an underlayer for so called "wet freight" like meat and fish or cattle transport. The absorption is at least 80% of the liquids for 3-4 hours. The purpose is to keep the aircraft belly"s, pallets and containers dry and clean. The material is recyclable.

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Plastic sheeting

To cover up your cargo pallets, you need plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting will protect your cargo against water. Available in transparent or black.

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GoodCape insulation material

In special cases it can be better and more efficient to use our GoodCape® insulation material on rolls. So you can make your own protection for your temperature sensitive goods.

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Corner rope

By using corner rope / lashing lines, you secure and fasten your pallet net over your cargo.

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