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Fire containment Cover

FireCape Fire Containment Cover is a result of more than 3 years development,
testing and system design. In answer to the demands of the industry and
its regulators, we were looking for a cost effective solution which can contain
the most severe fires including those resulting from lithium Ion & metal batteries.
With our FireCape Fire Containment Cover (FCC) we guarantee peace of mind to
you and your crew in the event of a cargo fire.
The FireCape Fire Containment Cover (FCC) acts as a two way barrier to contain a fire
for at least six hours without relying on suffocation of the fire, providing valuable
time for a pilot to safely land the aircraft. In addition of being durable and easy to
deploy, our FCC far exceeds the rigorous performance specifications proposed
by the FAA and leading cargo carriers.

Design Features

The Fire Containment covers utilize a five-sided cross design with overlapping corners and Velcro closures. Fabricated from the most technologically advanced fabrics available
and maximum strength, high temperature sewing threads, these structures are
intended to tolerate even the most extreme conditions.

FireCape Fire Containment Covers are available in two styles: A single layer
construction (light) or a three-layer advanced composite (extreme). The three-layer design offers greater water tightness, puncture resistance, and durability than the single layer
model. The three-layer model also offers extended protection during an extreme fire caused by a challenging fuel source, like lithium-ion batteries. All covers feature Z-Block, a high temperature polymer coated fiberglass fabric with a proprietary overcoat.

For more information please checkout: Newtex and the Z-Block page.

FireCape benefits

  • Will not burn, melt or allow flame penetration
  • Resistant to molten metal burn through
  • Tolerates temperatures up to 980 C
  • Will not produce surface flaming or toxic outgassing
  • Water tight & chemical resistant
  • Will not support growth of mold, fungi and bacteria
  • Unaffected by extreme temperature or UV
  • Abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant
  • soft and pliable making it easy to handle, fold and unfold
  • Easily conforms to irregular loads, always creating a tight seal
  • Easy to store, maintain, clean and repair as needed

FireCape fire containment cover tested standards:

Firecape has been successfully tested to the following standards:

  • ISO 14186 / SAE AS 6453 – Full Scale Box Burn
  • Conform FAA TSO-C203 Fire Containment Covers (FCC)- Full Scale Box Burn
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part I – Horizontal Rate of Burning
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part III – Flame Penetration Resistance
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part IV – Heat Release Rate
  • FAR 25 Appendix F Part V – Smoke density
  • ASTM D6413 – Vertical Flame Resistance
  • ASTM E-84 – Surface Flame spread & Smoke Density
  • ASTM F-955 – Molten Metal Resistance
  • ASTM E-119 – Furnace Tested
  • UL 1784 – Smoke Penetration
  • BSS 7239 – Non-Toxicity of Combustion
  • 1500 lithium ion batteries

Additional Features:

  • Metal D-rings for tie-down and load cinch points
  • Bottom pallet attachment clips and net enabled attachment clips to secure the FR net to the cover
  • Optional FR, tso certified cargo net
  • Two load ID place card holders
  • Optional adjustable reefing straps with internal folds to prevent water pooling and excess material snagging
  • Folding instructions and a training video


Delivery: within 24 hours


Color Grey
Weight 350 gr/m2
Closure Velcro strip
Sizes Available in every size
Heat resistance 980 C


  • Will not burn, melt or allow flame penetration
  • Tolerates temperatures up to 980 C
  • Resistant to molten metal burn through
  • Will not produce surface flaming or toxic outgassing
  • Successfully tested
  • 1500 pcs test passed

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