Air Cargo Products


Transporting pharmaceuticals by using GoodCape® Covers

For the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceuticals are a critical industry that moves one trillion dollars per year. For the pharmaceutical industry, globalisation has opened up possibilities that were previously unthinkable. Scientists can more easily collaborate and share their findings from anywhere in the world, and manufacturers can develop and produce medicines used by patients thousands of miles away soon after coming out of the plant.

Growing complexity

But the transportation of these products is a major challenge. The growing complexity of innovative drugs is reflected in their increasingly diverse and intricate supply chain.Temperature changes during transportation can be a serious threat to the integrity of these sensible products. Any delay in the shipment can have consequences. Transporting healthcare products by air needs the establishment of complex logistical methods to maintain shipment’s integrity.

GoodCape® thermal covers

The pharmaceutical market is robust, the products themselves are very vulnerable. Trip & Co produces all kinds of thermal covers that maintain a constant temperature. By the use of our GoodCape® thermal covers your pharmaceuticals can travel multiple climate zones without damage or waste.

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