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Keep your flowers fresh by using our GoodCape® thermal covers

Why flowers?

Flowers represent an important and valuable global industry, and generate some of the biggest revenues among fresh commoditis. However, flowers are also extremely sensitive, and are subject to leaf discoloration, premature wilting, and disease from molds.

Long distances

Due to the nature of the industry, flowers are often transported long distances. To help maintain high-quality arrivals with a long vase life, it is critical to control the flowers during shipment.

GoodCape® covers

In the past, transport of flowers via aeroplane used to result in a reduction of the quality and vase life due to poor temperature control, water loss and airport delays. We are happy to tell you these days are over. With the use of the right thermal covers, produced by Trip & Co, the flowers can be transported all over the world. In some cases it is necessary to use breathable covers, to make sure the flowers will stay fresh and beautiful. For every flower we can offer the right solution with one of our GoodCape® covers.

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