Air Cargo Products

Security Cover

The security covers are specially made for the protection of valuable goods. Not only gold and diamonds, but also paintings, confidential documents, computer chips, musical instruments, etc need extra and special protection during transport. Trip & Co developed a special and very strong cover which we call our security cover / bag. We can make these security covers / bags in all different sizes.

The security net/cover type 2 is a ca. 900 gm2 cover for high level protection, produced with built-in high resistant multi-strand cables, being just 5 cm apart for maximum protection against laceration. Extra thick PVC coating for extended lifespan, straight thread consistency, safety zip corners and 18 DS fittings connection points. The net/cover offers a very high level protection for valuable goods.


Weight 900 g/m2
High level protection Yes
Built-in high resistant multi-strand cables Yes
Water repellence waterproof
Tensile strength (EN iso 1421) 400/380 daN/5 cm
Tear strength (DIN53.363) 50/50 daN
Flame retardancy M2/B1
Temperature resistance -30 / +70 C
Maximum protection against laceration Yes
Every size / dimension available Yes


  • Extremely strong
  • Available in every size
  • If required available with our Cargo Chaperone Track & Trace