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Thermal cover

Our Good Cape© thermal covers and blankets protect your temperature sensitive goods during transportation, for use with every air cargo and land based pallet, skid systems or drums. Their designed for transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical, medical, perishable and electronic goods, used within the frozen (-20C), chilled (2-8C) and controlled ambient (15-25C) temperature ranges.

Our thermal covers and blankets provide protection for your goods throughout the entire journey even with breaks in the cold-chain:

  • During loading / unloading of shipment
  • Waiting on airport tarmac
  • Temperature variances within the aircraft hold
  • Delays in customs processing
  • Failure in the primary temperature control system (vehicle, container, active unit etc.)

Our thermal covers and blankets delay temperature exchange and therefore extend the duration before the product goes out of temperature specification range. This waterproof cover has a high heat resistance. The thermal cover has a R value of R = 1,3.

ULD thermal blankets/covers – lowerdeck thermal blankets/cover – LD3 thermal blankets/cover – EURO pallet  thermal blankets/cover – standard/US pallet thermal blankets/covers etc.

Delivery: within 24 hours


Color Silver - aluminium
Weight 350 gr/m2
Insulation value 1,3 R
Types Standard - Extreme - Light Weight
Closure Velcro strip


  • Available in lightweight
  • Available in extreme
  • Available in standard
  • Very easy to handle
  • No energy needed
  • High insulation value

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