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Goodcape® Box

The GoodCape® BOX is part of a family of cargo insulation concepts especially for storage and transport of temperature sensitive goods. From our experience with cargo protection during transport with our GoodCape® insulation covers, we have developed a second level of cargo insulation that benefits from:

– Excellent insulation values

– Weather proof

– Low volume

– Low weight

– Easy operation

The GoodCape® box comes in a bundle of flat, light weight, panels that can easily be placed on a standard transport pallet. Panels are connected by simple metal clamps. Once, all panels are placed together, around your product and the clamps are fixed, a solid stiff box protects your cargo.

Insulation performance

The box panels itself, will offer an insulation value of approximately 1,4 (Rc in m2, K/W). The real advantage of the GoodCape® BOX concept is the possibility of combining the box with a GoodCape® cover. GoodCape® covers have been used successfully for years in Cargo temperature protection. This product has a track record of decades and is used by numerous transportation companies throughout the world.

GoodCape® BOX + GoodCape® Cover a winning team!

The real fun begins, when the BOX puts his winter coat on. Once the GoodCape® cover is put on, over the BOX, all mechanisms are well resisted. The cover offers a rigid protection against wind and rain. Draft will no longer spoil the insulation but what’s more, both inside and outside of the cover carry a pure aluminium surface. This aluminium surface reflects more than 90% radiation. For this particular purpose, the outer skin of the BOX is equipped with eps profiles forming 2 cm wide air chambers which add up in insulation and will service the optimal space for best radiation performance of the GoodCape® cover.

Extra internal insulation

On top of this, GoodCape® covers carry double layers of air bubbles internally. Obviously, this is another contribution to the insulation effectiveness. This internal insulation is very flexible separation of the two aluminium surfaces. This prevents the thin metal surfaces to conduct heat or cold in or outwards. The tiresome, almost leathery properties of GoodCape® covers offer excellent protection for your goods when they are on their way to your customer.

Easy application

GoodCape® covers are made in standard sizes or can be ordered in customized dimensions or models. The method of application is simple: swing the cover over your BOX and close the Felcro seams on the front side. Straps to secure the content of your load can be applied under the cover or over the cover.

Maximum temperature protection

This all means that the combination of the GoodCape® BOX and the GoodCape® cover can offer you a total R-Value of over 2,5 m2 K/W. These R-values are based on the theoretic R-Values of the 2 products used here.

Delivery: within 24 hours

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