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ETSO C172 Tie down straps

Trip supplies you a perfect lightweight airline ETSO C172 Tie down straps for which we only use top-quality webbing and hardware, accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance and form 1

All our tie down straps are custom made, produced in our European production facility, and sewn with computerized and fully automatic Durkopp Adler machines. The air cargo tie down strap is incredibly strong and durable as a result of the high quality-webbing with less than 7% elongation.

A wide range of tie down strap assemblies is possible. These are available in 900 kg / 2000 lbs and 2250 kg / 5000 lbs capacities and in varying lengths of webbing and various combinations of hardware. We can produce the tie down straps in 25 mm width or 45 mm width.


Delivery: On short notice


Capacity 900 kg / 2000 lbs or 2250 kg / 5000 lbs
Width 25 mm or 45 mm
Elongation <7%
Webbing 6000 lbs
Certification EASA ETSO C172


  • EASA ETSO C172 Strap


  • Produced in the Netherlands
  • ETSO C172 certified with form 1
  • Complete traceability of all strap components
  • Webbing can be produced in every color
  • Webbing foll. FAR 25.853, Appendix F, Part 1 flammability requirements
  • Two year warranty