Air Cargo Products

Cargo Seat Bag

In answer to the urgent demands of the industry and its regulators.

A result of working with industry professionals,  developing in-depth industry knowledge and cargo system design skills.

  • Easy to install, it’s “plug and play”
  • Protect your valuable assets
  • Max flexibility
  • No space lost


The Cargo Seat Bag and Net acts as a two-way barrier, protecting valuable cargo, crew, and airplane.  In  addition of being durable and easy to  deploy,  all  our  solutions  far exceed the  rigorous  performance specifications The kits are developed in compliance with:

  • (E)TSO C172
  • The fire worthiness
  • Emergency evacuation provisions



Design Features

Our design utilize a innovative restrain pattern with overlapping corners and easy to use closures. based on 25 year of air cargo experience.  Fabricated from the most technologically advanced fabrics available. We  offer  maximum strength by the use of our ETSO c172 straps with 5000 LBS breaking force.

Cargo seat bag & net are available in deferent styles: single, double and triple seat constructions. All bag and nets are connectable for optimal flexibility.


The single Cargo Seat Bag is an 75x75x47.5 cm kit for single seat, with up to 75 kg (165 lb) of cargo to be stored on the seat and additional 9 kg – under the seat.


The double Cargo Seat Bag is an 75x75x95 cm kit for a double seat, with up to 150 kg of cargo to be stored on the seat and additional 18 kg – under the seat.


Additional equipment available:

  • Thermal insulation bag for 2-8 /15-25
  • PMC upgrade for 48 hour thermal protection
  • ETSO C172 straps/ ETSO C90 nets
  • A smoke hood (ETSO C116 or equivalent)
  • Fire protecting gloves
  • Crow bar
  • One torch




Certification Coc
Tie down strap certification EASA ETSO C172


  • Trip & Co - air cargo products


  • Capacity of 80 kg per seat (up to 320 kg per 3-seat row)
  • Available in single, double & triple-seat
  • Standard M2/B1 fire-retardant or FAR Part 25.853(a), (d) Amendment 83 Appendix F, PARTS I, IV and V.
  • ETSO C172 straps incoroporated in the design, release with form 1
  • Easy installation
  • Watertight and chemical-resistant
  • Unaffected by extreme temperature or UV
  • Abrasion-, puncture-, and tear-resistant
  • Easy to store, maintain, clean and repair
  • Weight 4 kg per seat/ bag
  • Closure overlap/velcro