Air Cargo Products

Three next-generation fire containment concepts for the air cargo industry, launched by Trip & Co

After more than four years of in-house development at Trip & Co, the company now offers state-of-the-art airline cargo safety with:

  1. Fire Containment Cover 2.0
  2. Fire Containment Container Kit
  3. Fire Containment Bag

Today, almost one-and-a-half century old safety products company Trip & Co is in the vanguard of companies providing innovative solutions for the air cargo industry. CEO Tijmen Koster highlights the latest developments.

The Fire Containment Cover (FCC) 2.0

“We have been producing thermal covers for 35 years. So, Trip & Co has a wide experience in manufacturing covers and technical textiles used in air cargo handling. About five years ago we decided to focus on developing a next-generation FCC specifically for the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries used extensively in consumer electronics worldwide.

We are all familiar with news reports on the hazards and risks connected to the storage and transport of these batteries. So, we really wanted to contribute to a safer world by developing a cover truly able to contain the situation in case of fire.

In-house testing

At the time, there were companies and organisations who tested for all kinds of fires but not specifically for battery fires. As a consequence, there was no standard reference we could follow for testing battery fires and we had to perform these tests ourselves. Having no standard reference also meant having to perform a large number of tests.

During the tests a lot of attention was given to the 18650 battery, a Li-ion cell larger than the well-known conventional AA battery, which is universally applied in any device from laptop battery packs to electric vehicles. In case of heating up beyond a certain point in temperature, one 18650 will produce up to 6 litres of very flammable gas. Ten units will produce up to 60 litres and so on. Our solutions can deal with these kinds of extreme challenges.”

Existing or new, depending on the load

“Trip & Co’s existing first-generation FireCape TSO C203 fire containment (FCC) cover still fits any air cargo pallet with non-declared batteries on it. By this I mean when a pallet is shipped from China to Europe with a large volume of internet products, the airline is not necessarily aware of any products containing these batteries. Because batteries are often not shipped as batteries but ‘claimed’ differently. Our FCC TSO C203 protects and contains whatever is on the pallet.

For an air cargo pallet fully loaded with batteries we recommend our new 2.0 fire containment system, which will ensure the best level of protection.”

FC container kit and FC bag (FCB)

“Our new Fire Containment Container Kit is basically the same, produced with the same extremely resistant materials. The main innovation here is that the kit can be used inside any standard (E)TSO C90 air cargo container, thus creating a next-level Fire containment container meeting a high standard of safety.

The new FCB, Fire Containment Bag is available in a wide range of sizes, based on the same extremely resistant materials and is ideally suitable for smaller loads. In conclusion, we are ready to present these next-generation Trip & Co products to airlines worldwide. I am convinced that we offer a next step in improving the safety of air cargo on a global scale.”

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