Air Cargo Products

More valuable service through our unique recycling process

In 2018, Trip & Co in Nieuw-Vennep, rolled out a unique repair concept and as of 2019, Trip & Co puts rejected products through a recycling process. This initiative fully focusses on sustainable product use, including the maintenance and repair of products in use by our customers. In case a repair is not a reliable option, we recycle responsibly. Production manager Lucas Alkemade explains the benefits and the process.

Better for the environment

“To ensure that our customers make optimal use of their covers, tie-down straps and nets, we opened a new maintenance facility in late 2018 that is geared exclusively to repairing these products. It enables us to ensure the quality of our products for our customers. In 2019, we extended this repair service with a unique recycling process. The concept is our response to the lack of an efficient sustainable recycling process for polyester nets and straps in the aviation industry. Trip & Co is the first in the world that is capable of fully recycling ULD equipment to raw materials and/or new end products.

ETSO C172 strap maintenance is a perfect example. Rejected straps used to be scrapped but at Trip & Co we felt that this was not socially responsible and so we started looking for ways to recycle them. The result is a unique recycling process whereby everything is turned into either raw material or new products.  Steel from the straps is re-melted into steel that can be re-used as new, and the polyester is cut up and reused as insulation material or as raw material for new textiles.

40% is reused instead of destroyed

Whenever a batch of straps is collected anywhere in the world, we first check its reusability. Currently, almost 40% of what comes in is reused. To ensure that the process runs efficiently, we have drawn up strict reuse standards. This enables us to realise our ambition for reuse on a large scale. Among other things, the standards determine rules for rejecting a product, such as in the case of webbing damage or knots. Suitable straps are made ready for reuse. Rejected products are no longer sent for waste disposal but 100% recycled instead.

At Trip & Co, we are continuously optimizing and improving our products for our customers. It’s an initiative we all very much enjoy working on, and by which we not only improve the shelf life of our products and contribute to more sustainable production chains but offer our customers a valuable service as well. We’re proud of that!” 

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