Air Cargo Products

Trip & Co and SII Netherlands join forces in production of popular Cargo Seat Bags

Nieuw-Vennep, 28th April 2020 – Trip & Co and SII Netherlands have announced a cooperation in which they join their forces in order to support airlines with the challenge of cargo transportation in aircraft cabins. Due to the enormous demand for PAX to Cargo solutions, which Trip & Co successfully launched a few weeks ago, the company has partnered up with SII Netherlands in order to deliver these products with STC certification process even faster all over the world.

Logical collaboration on PAX to Cargo solutions

Since cargo production has increased during the corona crisis, Trip & Co, among other things, designed passenger seat bags to be able to ship cargo in passenger flights. These bags are watertight, chemical and UV resistant and also able to transfer products in all kinds of temperatures. “We are proud to announce that the companies SII Netherlands and Trip & Co will start a close cooperation on the Pax to Cargo solutions.” According to Tijmen Koster, CEO at Trip & Co, this collaboration will be a logical development in the production of new cargo solutions. SII Design Organization is experienced in cabin reconfigurations, Mod-kit deliveries and STC applications whereas Trip & Co is experienced in air cargo equipment and production around the world. With the combination of these two strong players, customers will have the ability to choose from a broader spectrum of PAX to Cargo products which are instantly ready for use and meet all the requirements set by their local authorities. All our solutions will be delivered with an EASA Form-1 and approval for installation including manual supplements and loading instructions.

Increasing cargo volume Frank Kup, managing director at SII Netherlands: “Airliners are currently facing one of its biggest challenges ever, our team is highly motivated to support Trip & Co with multiple solutions. The choices we make in our proposed solutions are driven by safety and short lead times.” One solution the two parties are working on right now is a new modification kit that can be installed on the seat track after removal of the seats.