Air Cargo Products

Cam buckle 25 mm

To thread a cam buckle, turn the cam buckle over and feed the strap back through while pressing the thumb release. While pressing the thumb release, pull the strap to your desired tension, then release. To remove the strap, press the thumb button and simply pull the strap. You don’t have to pull the strap all the way out, just enough to get to your cargo.

In choosing between a ratchet strap and a cam buckle, it usually comes down to the working load limit, or how fragile the product is. If it is something light and fragile, choose a cam buckle since you’re not able to over-tension and possibly crush the product. If it’s anything heavier, less fragile, a ratchet strap is generally a better choice.

Delivery: Within 24 hours


Breaking strenght 1.130 kg / 2.500 lbs
Width 25 mm


  • Perfect if your cargo is light and fragile
  • Very easy to handle
  • Also available in 50 mm
  • Always on stock