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Instruction video GoodCape® thermal cover

Check out our GoodCape® instruction video! For one of our customers we made clear instruction videos of our GoodCape® thermal covers. The video will show you how to use our thermal covers.

GoodCape® thermal cover

Our Good Cape© thermal covers and blankets protect your temperature sensitive goods during transportation, for use with every air cargo and land based pallet, skid systems or drums. Their designed for transporting temperature controlled pharmaceutical, medical, perishable and electronic goods, used within the frozen (-20C), chilled (2-8C) and controlled ambient (15-25C) temperature ranges.

Our thermal covers and blankets provide protection for your goods throughout the entire journey even with breaks in the cold-chain:

  • During loading / unloading of shipment
  • Waiting on airport tarmac
  • Temperature variances within the aircraft hold

Our thermal covers and blankets delay temperature exchange and therefore extend the duration before the product goes out of temperature specification range. This waterproof cover has a high heat resistance. The thermal cover has a R value of R = 1,3.