Air Cargo Products

“Cooperating with Trip & Co, you will experience the enormous passion of this company for its profession”

Name: Etienne Vesseur, Head of Air Freight Forwarding Benelux
Company: Yusen Logistics Benelux
Client since: 2012
Purchased services: Covers

Etienne Vesseur, Head of Air Freight Forwarding Benelux at Yusen Logistics Benelux, is certain of it: “Trip and Yusen coming into each other’s orbit was meant to be, I think. Our first contact with Tijmen Koster dates back to over ten years ago. At the time, we had a problem with our then-supplier. Trip & Co solved it by providing a perfect solution.

Specialized tailor-made covers

“We renewed our acquaintance about three years ago, after we had specialized further in the air transport of pharmaceuticals / medicines, chiefly temperature-controlled goods between 15-25 degrees. At first, Tijmen provided us with standard issue Trip & Co covers, but then he took our relation to the next level by supplying us with a tailor-made product in the form of specially designed covers with our own label on them. A good example of how Tijmen works.”

Starting with a few pallets, Yusen Logistics Benelux currently uses hundreds of pallets of covers in various sizes each month, shipping worldwide from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

“Tijmen Koster even dropped by at our meeting with one of the pharmaceutical companies who is a client of Yusen, in order to advise more comprehensively. That is the extraordinary level of Trip & CO’s involvement with their customers.”

Future cooperation worldwide?

Part of Yusen Logistics is dedicated to healthcare worldwide. Etienne Vesseur: “Presently, our organization is looking for a single standard insulation cover for healthcare products. With its own global coverage, Trip & Co is well-placed to be in the market for this order.”