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Trip & Co

Trip & Co was founded in 1890 as a supplier of steel wire, rope and pulley blocks for the shipping industry. These days Trip & Co is a leading name as manufacturer and supplier with high quality of cargo products. For more than 25 years Trip & Co has been producing various cargo products that are delivered all over the world. Since its establishment, Trip & Co has stood by innovation, quality and long-term relationships with its customers. Thus Trip & Co, in collaboration with KLM, invented the first generation of insulated air cargo covers.

The good and reliable name Trip & Co has, is because of the use of the best materials, which guarantees the quality of our products.

Produced in house
We produce in-house, offering high-quality solutions for safe and secure operations.

Global network
We have a global production and storage facility network with 137 locations, delivering within 24 hours.

We can design and engineer custom-made solutions especially for you, according to your needs.

Extensive service
We provide extensive service during your entire transport process, from start to finish.


Trip & Co has its own production capacity so we are always able to work swiftly and efficiently. Having our own production makes Trip & Co flexible and able to respond to specific requirements or special wishes of our customers.


Our team share a great deal of experience and expertise. They can provide good advice and assistance on air cargo issues. Trip & Co is continually developing, thinking ahead and responding to new developments. Trip & Co is always a step ahead.


Our own transport, combined with stock and sufficient production capacity, means that Trip & Co can deliver within 24 hours. The production facility, conveniently located close to Schiphol International Airport, makes it easy to deliver all over the world.


Through our many years of experience and good contact with customers, Trip & Co has been able to put together a complete range of cargo products. So you can come to Trip & Co for practically all the products that make it simpler and safer to transport your cargo.

Product groups

  • Covers
  • Utilities
  • Hardware
  • Special products
  • Restraint products
  • Ramp security products


In order to safeguard the leading name that we have in air cargo products, we make sure our products are of the best quality. Our products are developed and produced to meet the most stringent of norms. Furthermore, all products that come from Trip & Co are tested extensively on strength, service life and quality. It means we can say with great certainty that we deliver the best product to our customers.

Maintenance program

Trip & Co has established maintenance programs for various products. It is simple to have repairs and modifications carried out by Trip & Co.

Test facility

For many products, the temperature during storage and transportation is a critical factor. What happens during transport with your cargo is often not transparent and too dependent on local conditions. Delay during transport in cold or very hot environment can have fatal consequences for your cargo.

By having our own test facility, we are able to test and control our products. We can simulate every possible situation. By using the most sophisticated soft- and hardware, our customers are able to login and follow tests worldwide. With this test facility we are able to find the best solution for transporting your goods